Our membrane protectors and cleaners are suitable for all kinds of operating conditions and feed water. They are especially produced to ensure that reverse osmosis devices operate in the most efficient and longest time. Our products are certified by NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) and our products and operation are regularly inspected by NSF to ensure highest quality standards. 

C-scalant 2005

NSF approved antiscalant suitable for drinking water

C-scalant 1080

General purpose antiscalant

C-scalant 6090

Silica-specific antiscalant

C-mec 102

Acidic membrane cleaner

C-mec 17

Membrane disinfectant

C-scalant 1085

NSF approved antiscalant for drinking water and sea water

C-scalant 6080

Silica specific high density antiscalant

C-mec 100

Organic acidic membrane cleaner

C-mec 200

Basic membrane cleaner

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