Marine Chemicals

Acid Based Products


  • CAS-CMT: Cement Cleaner

  • CAS-CO: Copper Special Lime Cleaner

  • CAS-SCALE: Scale Remover

  • CAS-SCALEX: Scale Cleaner for Sensitive Metals

  • CAS-SHINE: Metal Polisher

  • CAS-NO RUST: Rust Remover

  • CAS-SEPA: Separator Cleaner

Waste Water and Fresh Water System Improvement Products

  • CKF CHLORINE TABLET: Drinking and Potable Water Disinfectant

  • CKF CHLORINE GRANUL: Drinking and Potable Water Disinfectant

  • CKS BIOLOGICAL POWDER: Biological Waste Water Treatment Product

  • CKS BIOLOGICAL LIQUID: Biological Waste Water Treatment Product

  • CKS CHLORINE TABLET: Tablet Disinfectant For Waste Water

  • CKS CHLORINE GRANUL: Powder Chlorine

  • CKS CHLORINE: Sodium Hypochlorite

  • CKS TDS: Toilet Cleaner

Tank, Cargo, Warehouse Cleaning and Maintenance Products

  • CALK TANK: Alkali Based Tank Cleaner

  • CALK TANK SENSE: Alkali Based Tank Cleaner on Sensitive Surfaces

  • CESOL FRESH: Fragrant Tank Cleaner

  • CESOL SUPER TANK: Tank Cleaner

  • CESOL TANK: Tank Cleaner

  • CEWA TANK: Water Based Tank Cleaner

  • CEWA CARGO SENSE: Water Based Pleasant Tank Cleaner

  • TC-SOL: Special Formulated Solvent Based Cleaner

  • TC-WAT: Special Formulated Water Based Cleaner

  • TC-ALK: Special Formulated Alkaline Based Cleaner

  • C-COVER: Surface Coating Product

Cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals

  • CESOL ACC:  Air Cooler Cleaner

  • CESOL SUPER ACC: Air Cooler Cleaner

  • CESOL ELECTRO: Slow Volatile Electric Motor Parts Cleaner

  • CESOL ELECTOFLY: Fast Volatile Electric Motor Parts Cleaner

  • CESOL ELECTOSPEED: Fast Volatile Electric Motor Parts Cleaner

  • CESOL OIL CLEAN: Degreaser

  • CESOL SUPER OIL: Degreaser

  • CESOL CARBO: Carbon Solvent

  • CESOL BREAK: Bilge Cleaner

  • CESOL FILT: Filter Cleaner

  • CESOL PAINT KILL: Paint Remover

  • CESOL FUEL KILL : Fuel Oil Cleaner

  • CESOL WASH : Oil and Grease Residues Cleaner

  • CALK : Alkali Based Oil and Grease Cleaner

  • CALK SENSE : Alkali Based Oil and Grease Cleaner for Sensitive Surfaces

  • CEWA OSD : Oil Emulsifier

  • CEWA DAILY : Fragrant Water Based Cleaner

  • CEWA OIL CLEAN : Water Based Oil Remover

  • CEWA OCEAN : General Purpose Cleaner

  • CEWA SHIP : General Purpose Cleaner

  • CEWA BREAK : Water Based Bilge Cleaner

  • CEWA FOAM : Liquid Detergent

  • CEWA SONIC : Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • MINT GEL : Hand Cleaner Gel


Fuel Additives

  • CEMYAK-S : Combustion Improver

  • CEMYAK-C : Fuel Thinner

  • CEMYAK-K : Soot Cleansing Liquid

  • CEMYAK-V : Vanadium Regulator

  • CEMYAK-KT : Soot Cleaner Powder

  • CEMYAK-AST : Turbocharger Cleaner

Water Treatment Chemicals

  • CK-ALK: Boiler Water Ph-Alkalinity Adjuster

  • CK-BOIL: Boiler Water Conditioning Product

  • CK-CC: Steam Line Anti-Corrosion

  • CK-OXY: Boiler Water And Steam Line Corrosion Control

  • CK-COAGULANT: Boiler Water Slurry

  • CK-BWP: Boiler Water Conditioning Product

  • CK-HARDNESS BLOCK: Boiler Water Hardness Control Product

  • CK-ANTIOX: Boiler Water Oxygen Control

  • CK-CWT EXTRA: Main Machine Water Corrosion Lime Control

  • CK-CWP: Main Machine Water Corrosion Lime Control

  • CK-COOL: Main Machine Water Corrosion Lime Control

  • CK-BIO: Algae Inhibitor

  • ANTIFREEZE: Anti-freeze

  • CK-EVA: Evaporator Conditioning

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