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Water Treatment Systems Set up

Cemkimsan manages and performs the installation of your water treatment systems from start to finish. Boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, reverse osmosis antiscalants, microbiological activation prevention, closed circuit heating and cooling conditioning, geothermal systems conditioning are some of our areas of expertise.

Technical Consulting

Cemkimsan provides technical consultancy services to all companies that avail of its water treatment products and programs. Some of these technical consulting areas include water supply monitoring, use and recycling of water at home and abroad. It offers unique solutions for the protection of your investments, reducing your costs and implementing the most efficient process operations with the highly experienced field engineers in the sector.

Performance Tracking

Cemkimsan consistently and systematically monitors performance of its products and set-ups once they have been commissioned. With risks to the enterprise and the sensitivity of the systems in mind, Cemkimsan engineers design programs with a unique control range and scope customized for the needs of each enterprise. This program constantly updates itself in line with the changes in the investments, operating methods and the quality of the water it uses.

Analysis and Audit

Cemkimsan provides laboratory services to all companies that avail of its water treatment products and programs. With an understanding that considers laboratory services as the one of the most important parts of water treatment, Cemkimsan engineers perform detailed water analyses, chemical analyses and microbiological audits with high-tech laboratory equipment and reports are produced, tweaks and adjustments made where merited to ensure sustained performance. As a company policy, each enterprise is considered unique and analyzed by keeping in mind its unique conditions and risks, we do not submit to a 'one size fits all' philosophy. Cemkimsan constantly questions its analysis methods and instruments and updates them to ensure that they remain up-to-date and high-efficiency. 

Technical Training Seminars

Cemkimsan organizes training and enablement programs for customers, franchises, partners and academic institutions. It has adopted the "specific and purposeful" policy applied in water treatment programs in its training programs to design comprehensive and relevant training programs for each enterprise's needs to ensure continuity and impart expertise. Through these training programs, Cemkimsan instills know-how in its partners and clients to reduce their dependencies and increase their in-house capabilities. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Procedures


Cemkimsan performs professional cleaning and maintanence operations in the field, with its own Cemkimsan branded chemicals. The cleaning and maintanence services are degisned to elongate the life of its customers' systems and include elimination of lime, scale, corrosion, grinding and mudding in hot water, cooling water, steam boiler, heat exchanger, boiler, water tanks, pipelines and radiators. 

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