Our Certificates

Cemkimsan prioritizes environmental awareness, quality and safety in manufacturing, storage and shipment of its chemicals produced in its factory in Dilovası / Kocaeli. To keep the environmental impact of production and delivery processes to a minimum, Cemkimsan is audited throughout the year by organizations such as IMO, ISO 14001, and NSF, the most prestigious institutions in their respective fields. 

Certificates confirming Cemkimsan's commitment to high quality and safety standards are: 

National Sanitary Foundation certificate

Our certificate confirming the drinking water usage of our products by the National Sanitary Foundation

Halal Certificate

Our certificate confirming our products can be used safely at halal production points

ISO 45001 certificate

Our certificate confirming the ISO compliance of our company's occupational health and safety management policies

iso 9001 certificate

Our certificate confirming quality management system of our company is in accordance with ISO: 9001: 2008 standards

International Maritime Organization certificate

International Maritime Organization's certificate confirming our environmentally friendly policies

iso 14001 certificate

Our certificate confirming the compliance of our company's environmental management policies with ISO standards

NSF Non Food Compounds Certificate

Our certificate confirming our chemicals can be used safely in the cooling and heating systems of food producing companies

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